Purple teaming

Defensive capability workshop

This session provides an opportunity to glean valuable information from the FalconForce experts about your organization’s Security Operations Center (SOC). With their collective knowledge, you can understand what monitoring and logging tools are in place and which custom settings have been applied. Additionally, identifying any challenges that exist in the SOC allows for more effective problem-solving before putting its capabilities to the test!

Defensive capability workshop

FalconForce will organize this workshop with your team to jointly:

  • Discuss your IT landscape and planned IT (cloud) projects.
  • Identify the various detection mechanisms in place.
  • Discuss the expected maturity of these mechanisms in place, by jointly evaluating configurations.
  • Decide on potential improvement areas (that you can work on themselves, or FalconForce can support with separately).
  • Decide on MITRE (PRE)ATT&CK TTPs relevant for first purple teaming exercises.

“The defensive capability workshop is the perfect way to kickstart your purple teaming exercise!”

Purple teaming

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Purple teaming exercises

In the highly interactive purple teaming exercise(s) our red team performs selected TTPs or scenarios to test your detection and response. Relevant TTPs and creative attack scenarios are prepared in close consultation with your blue team. Together with our red and blue teaming professionals, we identify improvements in your detection and response capabilities.

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