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Purple teaming

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Creating a solid cyber defense is much more effective when offense and defense work together. Our purple teaming sessions challenge your current security measures by replicating attacks, promoting information flow between teams, and prompting the development of sophisticated solutions for better detection capabilities.

Making the bold decision to perform purple teaming will pave the path for an insightful learning journey for your entire organization. Our experience and expertise in offensive and defensive strategies enable us to provide you with the actionable knowledge required for a successful exercise, yielding maximum learning benefits throughout each step of the process.

Defensive capability workshop

Before engaging on the purple teaming session(s), we can host a defensive capability workshop. This workshop is used to kickstart the purple teaming exercise, to gain more insight in your current detective capabilities, to help your team prepare and to provide both teams solid context to make the most out of the purple teaming exercises. Moreover, we often identify ‘low-hanging fruit’ improvement during the workshop.

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Purple teaming exercises

In the highly intereactive purple teaming exercise(s) our red team performs selected TTPs or scenarios to test your detection and response. Relevant TTPs and creative attack scenarios are prepared in close consultation with your blue team. Together with our red and blue teaming professionals, we identify improvements in your detection and response capabilities.

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Purple teaming

“Superb learning experience for our team”

“Superb learning experience for our team”

Marina - product owner Cyber Defense & Operations @ Heineken

“We organize regular purple teaming sessions facilitated by FalconForce. It’s been a great, highly interactive learning experience for our blue team to see the details of sophisticated TTPs and discuss improvement possibilities. Together with FalconForce we have been able to further enhance our threat detection capabilities!”

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Purple teaming

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What does purple teaming bring you?

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Learning opportunity
Purple teaming exercises are a perfect learning opportunity for your blue team! The exercises provide insights in attacker behavior simulated by our red teaming specialists and knowledge transfer of detecting TTPs by our blue teaming experts.
Capability improvement

Each purple teaming exercise will provide pragmatic improvements in your detection logic, log sources, configuration or processes. This will help you to further grow your threat detection capability and thwart threat actors.

Unique collaboration
The FalconForce team consists of a mix of seasoned offensive and defensive professionals. We think like threat actors, but also speak the language of your defensive team. This ensures a smooth collaboration with your team and practical / pragmatic solutions and recommendations.
Henri speaking

Henri speaking

Purple teaming specialist @ FalconForce

“It’s great to bring offensive and defensive specialists together in these highly interactive and collaborative purple teaming exercises. Performing realistic attacks, and at the same time gauging how detection and response operates. Dissecting the attack together, analyzing where enhancements are needed and working on improving detection logic as one team, is a great kick!”


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Our other services

Red teaming

Want to test your cyber threat detection and response with an extensive, realistic adversarial simulation or complete TIBER exercise? Our red teaming experts are ready to put your defenses to the test!

Blue teaming

We specialize in detection engineering and crafting advanced detections to spot threat actors in your environment. We would be happy to discuss where we can help boosting your defensive capability!

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