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Red teaming

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FalconForce provides a unique service that sees your organization through the eyes of an adversary. During our red teaming exercises, we take the approach of an adversary and perform a realistic cyber attack on your organization to reach pre-defined goals. Similar to an actual attacker, the red team will try to reach those goals using a creative, outside-the-box approach. This creates an excellent learning opportunity for you to identify gaps in the implemented security controls and see whether an attacker can be detected and responded to.

FalconForce approaches effective red teaming exercises in the following way:

  • Preparation together with your key stakeholders.
  • Execution with oversight of your contact persons.
  • Implementing risk management controls to keep the risks of the exercise within acceptable levels.
  • Comprehensive reporting that addresses the information needs of both senior management as well as operational personnel.
  • Acceleration of the learning effects of your defensive team by facilitating debriefs and purple teaming sessions.

Utilizing the MITRE ATT&CK® framework allows both offensive and defensive forces to ensure effective communication during reporting, debriefs, and purple team sessions. Embracing this industry-approved language helps create a standardized approach for teams from every sector in cyber security.

Through a red team exercise, we can identify objectives that profoundly affect your organization’s crown jewels. We are then able to track and chart an attack path of the simulated cyberattack from start to finish. This will provide insight into how well your team has developed countermeasures for possible threats – pinpointing areas where improvement may be needed.


TIBER is a framework for threat intelligence-based ethical red teaming. It is meant as a guide on how authorities, entities, threat intelligence, and red teaming providers should work together to test and improve the cyber resilience of your organization by carrying out a controlled cyberattack. FalconForce is an experienced red teaming provider and can facilitate a full TIBER exercise.

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Adversary simulation

FalconForce non-TIBER red teaming exercises (aka adversary simulations) follow a systematic approach to prepare a custom exercise, to perform the exercise with the same TTPs as a real attacker would use and to debrief you on our observations and discuss learnings. A purple teaming exercise is always included in our approach, to maximize the learning effects for your organization.

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Go offensive

Red teaming

“Great working with FalconForce”

“Great working with FalconForce”

Jeroen - ISO and white team lead @ Menzis

“FalconForce’s approach provided us with a great learning experience. They were flexible as a snake, cunning like a fox, and kept their eyes on the targets as a falcon!”

Go offensive

Red teaming

Go offensive

What does red teaming bring you?

Learning opportunity

We know that taking the leap and performing red teaming is a brave step towards creating learning opportunities for the whole organization. We share our knowledge throughout the exercise to help creating the best learning opportunities. During the exercise, we bring our offensive and defensive specialists to you and help you get the most out of the exercise.

Increase quality

Our commitment to excellence is our defining characteristic. We recruit only the most qualified cyber security professionals – individuals with extensive backgrounds and proven expertise in multiple demanding conditions.

Strong collaboration

Collaboration is key during red teaming exercises. We prefer to work with you instead of for you. Our team understands we are active in a production environment and business continuity is critical. By continuously collaborating during the red teaming exercise, we can help the white team managing the risk of the exercise to an acceptable level and help you getting the best learning experience from the exercise.

Ivo speaking

Ivo speaking

Offensive specialist @ FalconForce

“Performing a (TIBER) red teaming exercise is a great way of putting your cyber defenses to the test with a real-life cyberattack. Each exercise mixes the creativity of the red team and defenders with intense collaboration and risk management. The great discussions on TTPs, detection and response, lessons learned, and improvements provide a great value-add to our clients!”


Go offensive

Our other services

Purple teaming

Looking to combine offensive and defensive professionals during collaborative sessions to boost your cyber defense capabilities? Our purple teaming exercises are just what you are looking for!

Blue teaming

We specialize in detection engineering and crafting advanced detections to spot threat actors in your environment. We would be happy to discuss where we can help boosting your defensive capability!

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